HQ for Visionaries

VISIONS article: WE Magazine, April 1999

At VISIONS, an elegant and generously proportioned third-floor suite of offices and training areas incorporates the latest and greatest ideas in Universal Design, harmonized visually by a firm aesthetic that takes a diamond motif as its keynote.

The accent is on sensory development - the use of sound and touch - particularly through the cane whose sweeping motion is taught by passing it over an inlaid stone 'invisible wall' to contrast with the wood panels of the floor.

The office condominium was gutted and refashioned from the floors up by architect Frankie J. Campione of Manhattan based CREATE. Every inch of the 11,000 sf complex taps an idea. From those ingenious tactile guides subtly incorporated into the floors and walls to the low walls of office partitions that keep light flowing from the glare-protected windows and permit staffers to spot clients as they stroll by, the suite of offices is packed with ingenuity.

It's not surprising that such a preeminent organization dedicated to the blind, stands out as a beacon to all committed to accessibility.

HQ for Visionaries, WE Magazine, April 1999

VISIONS article: WE Magazine, April 1999