NY State Pavilion Looking for Identity

Queens Chronicle, July 15, 2004

"The Parks Department is looking to reuse the rusting New York State Pavilion from the 1964 World's Fair and is currently asking developers for their ideas.

But one man, who has been pushing his plan for three years, says he will continue to pursue establishing a non-profit group to raise funds for an aerospace museum or other venue that would restore the pavilion because money is the bottom line with the Parks Department. "It hurts me to see those buildings deteriorate", said Frankie Campione of Manhattan.

One reason the aerospace museum wasn't seriously considered [three years ago] was that the two developers wanted the city to kick in $8 million to stabilize the structures before they started fundraising for the museum. Campione, and his [pavilion] partner, former Flushing resident Charles Aybar of Arizona are willing to raise the approximately $6 million they now estimate it will take for stabilization and then proceed with a permanent use. "This time, we will go with money in our hands and have already told the Parks Department to give us an idea for future usage, which they didn't," Campione said.

Campione, who runs CREATE Architecture Planning & Design, has submitted the paperwork for non-profit status to Albany. Once granted, the new group, Save New York State Pavilion Organization, will seek to raise the millions of dollars needed from corporations and individuals. His team already includes Philip Johnson Alan Ritchie architects of Manhattan. "Johnson, now 98, wants to save his own building," he added.

Under Campione's proposal presented, elevators in the towers would bring visitors to an entrance level where glass a glass sky bridge would bring them into the upper museum. Below would be aircraft and suspended space capsules. Hands on exhibits would be featured in the upper mezzanine and one of the towers would become a mock control tower."

NY State Pavilion Looking for Identity, Queens Chronicle, July 15, 2004

NY State Pavilion Looking for Identity, Queens Chronicle, July 15, 2004